St. John the Baptist Parish Real Estate Transfers May 9-20

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 18, 2022



  • Concordia Drive, 2917, sale by Brenda Jackson, Kendall Jackson, Kedreck Jackson, Kutrell Jackson, Kareck Jackson, Kolena Mara Jackson, Kelva Jackson London, Myron Jones Jackson and Ruby Avis Jackson Chambers to Khai Nguyen, $75,000.00.
  • Robichaux Drive, 132, sale by Lucille Lefort Daigrepont to Jerny Property Solutions, LLC, $119,500.00.
  • Sparrow Lane, 400, sale by Sheila Pellissier Picarella, wife of/ and Randy C. Picarella to Trina Cordett Jackson, $189,506.11.
  • Airline Highway, 1405, sale by M.A.D. Ill, LLC to Scott Marks Properties, LLC, $410,000.00.
  • West Canterbury Drive, 2263, sale by The Bennett Living Trust of 1995 to Elena Garcia, wife of/ and Layne Michael Labat, $296,000.00.
  • Shearwater Drive, 22, sale by Turner Lawson to Jerny Property Solutions, LLC, $155,000.00.
  • Revere Drive, 621, sale by Darrell Glenn Porter to Notlef Holdings, LLC, $60,000.00.
  • Shadow Lane, 376, Donation by Leonard Jules Cheek, Jr. to Kasey Marie Cahill, Undisclosed Amount.
  • Ridgefield Drive, 1920, sale by Frederick J. Giangrosso, Jr., Denise Clair Naquin and Monica Lyn Giangrosso to Blake A. Theriot, $190,500.00.
  • Lot 21, Square 4, Cambridge Place Subdivision, sale by Succession of Ronald S. Guillot to Mery Judyth Paz, $168,000.00.
  • Canterbury Drive, 336, sale by Charles C. Waller and Stacey Willis Waller to Jeffrey P. Waller and Ashley Reed Waller, $225,000.00.
  • Ridgefield Drive, 1013, sale by Richard H. Mccollum and Susan McManus Mccollum to Brandon Brown, LLC, $95,000.00.
  • Frisco Drive, 510, sale by Clarence Gray, Jr. and Lisa Hayes Gray to Barry Anthony Young, $239,000.00.
  • Virginian Colony Avenue, 1833, sale by Robert Brian Graves to Renata Jolivett, $199,500.00.
  • Camellia Avenue, 420, sale by D. Lux Homes, LLC to Edgar Ian Telleria and Mirsa Judith Telleria, $208,000.00.
  • Sandpiper Drive, 42, sale by Frederick A. Smith, Jr. to LaChina Griffin, $100.00.
  • Medford Drive, 725, sale by Janice King Walker and James W. Carpenter to Wesley Lamarr Parnell, $66,768.53.
  • Camelia Avenue, 604, sale by Gary Jude Duplessis and Earline Tompkins Duplessis to Jerny Property Solutions, LLC, $95,000.00.
  • Rue St. James, 162, sale by Raymond Lawrence Fisher and Prakong Charensook Fisher to Mindi Laiche Plaisance, $25,000.00.
  • Concordia Drive, 2825, sale by DAW Empire, LLC to Andrea M. Brown, $160,000.00.
  • Amy Drive, 2517, sale by Ovide John Chenier, Ill, Latanya Chenier Simoneaux, Sheena Chenier Anders and Sharon Chenier Botticelli to LaCharles James Brooks, Sr., $164,000.00.
  • Riverlands Drive, 156, sale by Crystal Metcalf Kilburn to Jerny Property Solutions, LLC, $195,000.00.
  • Oak Point Drive, 392, sale by Michael W. Smith to Michelle Jenkins Miller and Keith S. Miller, $110,000.00.
  • Fairway Drive, 798, sale by Gary Michael Ockman and Andrea Guaraggi Ockman to Zelenza Micara Castell, $230,000.00.
  • Mahogany Street, 408, sale by Emily E. Frost to Dane Paul Duhe and Tara C. Duhe, $385,000.00.
  • Boardwalk Street, 122, sale by Larry E. Lewis, Jr. to Saul Cooper, $185,000.00.
  • Ellerslie Avenue, 1501, sale by Clint Joseph Clement to A-1 Property Investors, LLC, $131,500.00.
  • Shearwater Drive, 79, sale by AAJ Investments, LLC to Ryan S. Toomey, $255,000.00.





  • Terrio Drive, 204, sale by Todd E. Ruiz and Trudy Ruiz Giadina to Jeremy S. Napier, $160,000.00.
  • Ivy Court, 145, sale by Landcraft, LLC to Nyrika Belvin, $200,550.00.
  • W 18th Street, 172, sale by Daniel M. Becker and Baron M. Strehle to Demetrius Evans and Kayla Evans, $152,500.00.




  • Lot Number 8 of Square D, New Era Addition, Donation by Gloria Ballestero Keating to Ruben Keating, Cynthia Keating Cambias, Crystal Keating Vicknair and Tammi Ann Keating, Undisclosed Amount.
  • Lot Twenty-Five-A (25-A) of Square D (Formerly known as Lots Twenty-Five (25) and Twenty-Six (26) of Sunny Dale Subdivision, sale by Kendrick Troy Investments, LLC to Danica Mason, $180,000.00.
  • Lot 1-AG, on the right bank of the Mississippi River, being a portion of the re­ subdivision of the remainder of the Alice B. Gendron Tract, sale by Rudolph Sorapuru, Jr. and Tanya Sorapuru Haydel to Karen A. Mathieu, Gerren A. Mathieu and Lydasha L. Augusta, $22,500.00.
  • Ridgefield Drive, 1213, sale by Mildred Robertson Nolting, wife of /and Mark D. Nolting to Francy Lizeth Anina-Lucas, $225,000.00.




  • Church Street, 149, sale by Anna Leboeuf Luminais and Wayne T. Leboeuf and Janet LeBoeuf Kavanaugh to Garrett D. Campbell and Denise R. Moran, $156,000.00.





  • Lot 30, Slie Subdivision, Section 46- T 12S- R19E, Donation by Dorian M. Lumar to Rickie H. Borne, Undisclosed Amount.