Biography of a failure

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Most of us, I’m sure, get a little discouraged at times. Many times, I’ve felt like giving up. Life sometimes seems unfair, and we feel alone and hopeless. We question whether we have a purpose in life.

Several years ago, I read the following in a newsletter published by the University of Alabama’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes.




  1. Difficult childhood.
  2. Less than one year of formal schooling.
  3. Failed in business in 1831.
  4. Defeated for legislature, ’32.
  5. Again failed in business, ’33.
  6. Elected to legislature, ’34.
  7. Fiancee died, ’35.
  8. Defeated for Speaker, ’38.
  9. Defeated for Elector, ’40.
  10. Married, wife a burden, ’42.
  11. Only one of his four sons lived past age 18.
  12. Defeated for Congress, ’43.
  13. Elected to Congress, ’46.
  14. Defeated for Congress, 48.
  15. Defeated for Senate, ’55.
  16. Defeated for Vice-President, ’56.
  17. Defeated for Senate, ’58.
  18. Elected for President, ’60.


When former President Bush appealed to the country to join in a national day of prayer, he invoked the memory of Abraham Lincoln, who in the Civil War “turned to prayer, saying:  “I’ve been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I have nowhere else to go.”


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