Quinn Summary – A salute to my dentists

Published 11:30 am Sunday, April 3, 2022

by Rix Quinn

     Every morning when my mirror smiles back, I am grateful to two dentists who have helped me for decades.

     They must be darn good, because thanks to regular visits I’ve retained excellent cuspids, bicuspids, plus a host of workable molars.

     I am not the best patient. I nearly always brush my teeth at least once a day, and sometimes use toothpaste.

     But I am an excellent flosser. I know this, because the hygienist complimented me the last visit when she dug junk food from my molars.

     Over the years, dentists have worked miracles on two upper front incisors. I call these my “smile teeth.” Those are the first things people see when I greet them with a semi-sincere grin.

     Problem is, in high school I was in a car wreck. Back then, there were no shoulder seat belts, so my front teeth slammed into the dashboard.

     This left me with half an incisor…very noticeable when sipping a milkshake. But my amazing dentist quickly made me a crown, so I looked presentable enough to pose for senior pictures.

     That crown held up for over 35 years, but came off five years ago when I bit into a sturdy dinner roll. My dentist got me scheduled late that day, and crafted a new crown that looks terrific.

     Since then, I have taken much better care of my mouth. I bought a new toothbrush, and I have spent more time polishing my ivories.

     And – some mornings after brushing — I’m so impressed I think that if I was single…I would ask myself for a date.

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