St. Charles Parish honors 100 employees at Civil Service Awards 

Published 3:03 pm Thursday, March 24, 2022

HAHNVILLE – St. Charles Parish President Matthew Jewell, the Personnel Office, members of the Civil Service Board and department heads honored 100 employees for their service and attendance in 2021.

Roland Breaux, a Wastewater Tech II was presented with his 2021 Employee of the Year Award. Breaux has worked for the parish since 2006 and has served in roles in Public Works and Waterworks before moving to his role in Wastewater.

“Roland Breaux stood out as the employee of the year based on his referrals and the nominations that were submitted for him,” Personnel Officer Dayna Parker said. “Roland’s attitude and performance is the standard for the service we want to provide to our community.”

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40 Years

Shelia Toney, Community Services


30 Years

Linda Dugas, Risk Management

Earl Matherne, Jr., Planning & Zoning

Carey Rochelle, Finance


25 Years

Robert Champagne, Wastewater

Tessa Hymel, Waterworks

Jim Lumar, Public Works

Sandra Miguez, Council

Chandra Sampey, Public Works

Ferris Tastet, Wastewater

Terri Vassmer, Waterworks

Dwayne Williams, Waterworks


20 Years

Kim Boudreaux, RSVP

Kimberly Cheramie, Information Technology

Angela Gaubert, Council

Damien Gray, Wastewater

Tracy Hilaire, Public Works

Danielle Honor, Planning & Zoning

Kevin Lalonde, Public Works

Kevin Leon, Public Works

Dale Lirette, Jr., Public Works

Jason Pollock, GIS

Benjamin Ratcliff, Public Works

Toby Schmill, Public Works

Ryder Troxler, Government Buildings


15 Years

Triche Brown, Finance

Murray Dufrene, Wastewater

Kim Peret, Personnel

Jason Ledet, Public Works

Kendra Vedros, Waterworks


10 Years

Lori Beard, Council

Pernal Brumfield, Sr., Public Works

Kevin Doherty, Public Works

Justin Dufrene, Public Works

Jody Dunn, Public Works

Michael Hotard, Waterworks

Nicholas Moliere, Waterworks

Marilyn Morris, Finance

Carl Pilie, Administration

Devin Roux, Wastewater

Courtney Saucier, Community Services

Robert Whann, Parks & Recreation


5 Years

Melissa Bartholomew, Council

Ronnie Boyd, Public Works

Dominic Brown, Public Works

Darrin Duhe, Administration
Christopher Edwards, Parks & Recreation

Perry Elliot, Wastewater

Jason Frickey, Public Works

Joe Ganote, Administration

Rodney Guss, Public Works

Derek Howard, Public Works

Alvin A. Jackson, Public Works

Rodney Johnson, Parks & Recreation

Lisa Julian, Finance

Grant Mayet, Wastewater

Dayna Parker, Personnel

Billy Raymond, Administration

Sara Raney, Legal

Oscar Reyes, GIS

Kevin Robicheaux, Administration

Curtis Robinson, Jr., Public Works

Jena Troxler, Administration

James Waguespack, Jr., Public Works

Frank Williams, Waterworks



Michael Albanese, Public Works

Kristi Bernard, Emergency Preparedness

Trent Bonnette, Public Works

Pernal Brumfield, Sr., Public Works

Jan Comardelle, Wastewater

Jason Dean, Waterworks

Christopher Dufour, Public Works

Curtis Dufour, Public Works

Chase Donohue, Government Buildings

Ashley Dufrene, Planning & Zoning

Erik Dufrene, Information Technology

Linda Dugas, Risk Management

Kristina Dupre, Economic Development & Tourism

Rechelle Fonseca, Planning & Zoning

Monique Fortier, Public Works

Aaron Friloux, Public Works

Anthony Grisoli, Public Works
Tessa Hymel, Waterworks

Tyron James, Public Works

Dawn Higdon, Legal

Dale Lirette, Jr., Public Works

Kim Perret, Personnel

Jeanne Pierre-Johnson, Procurement

James Polk, Emergency Preparedness

Silas Poteet, III, Public Works

Travis Ramos, Parks & Recreation

Morgan Robicheaux, Parks & Recreation

Toby Schmill, Public Works

Marny Stein, Planning & Zoning

Shawn Stinnett, Wastewater

Jason Tastet, Emergency Preparedness

Michael Tregre, Emergency Preparedness

Paul Ward, Planning & Zoning

Justin Ward, Public Works

Bryan Williams, Wastewater

Tanya Williams, Community Services

Sharon Wright, Community Services

Eric Zammit, Jr., Emergency Preparedness

Lawrence Zeringue, Public Works


Employee of the Year

Roland Breaux, Wastewater