LaPlace musician inspires change through newest single

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 23, 2022

LAPLACE — Music is more than a passion for Gino Joubert of LaPlace. He views music as a healing tool that can fill a void within the broken-hearted and inspire change in a time when the world needs it most.

Joubert’s newest single, “Time for a Change,” is a response to a world burdened with war, natural disasters, injustice, addiction and loss of will. His music not only presents the problem, but advocates a solution — a change of heart that can only be achieved through thought, belief and action.

“If you look around, a lot of people are focused on the problem instead of the solution, and that’s why it perpetuates,” Joubert said. “When you feed into anything that’s negative, whether it comes from TV, radio or people’s conversations, the more it has life. There’s so much fear in the world. A negative vibration is a very low vibration, but a vibration of love is a very high vibration.”

Although his father was inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame as a member of the 60s group “The Jokers,” Joubert didn’t grow up in a household full of music. It wasn’t until around 1992 that he taught himself to play the piano inside of Tulane’s rehearsal hall. His girlfriend at the time was involved in theatre, and piano was a way to pass the time. He still remembers looking at the keys and saying, “Me and you are going to become friends.”

Piano gave way to writing music. The more Joubert wrote, the more consistently his creative juices would flow.

“Over the years, I became more than just a musician because I was always seeking truth. I discovered a lot of wonderful gems along the way. It helped me discover me,” Joubert said. “What I’ve noticed with society as a whole is that so many people are looking outside for the answers when they are contained within. Happiness is an inside job. Everything that is extraneous is temporary. Internal happiness came from the way I live my life. I changed what I thought. I changed what I consume.”

Joubert’s earliest songs were focused around relationships and budding love. His song “Love Triangle” saw great success, climbing to No. 1 on Over time, Joubert realized the power of words and their ability to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. He decided to drive his attention into songs that were more positive.

Joubert has played music in front of thousands of people in Los Angeles, but his biggest accomplishment has been experiences shared with fellow musicians. He’s had the opportunity to sit in on jam sessions with Grammy award winning artists including Skyler Jett of The Commodores and Za Williams from Arrested Development.

“That is a bigger accomplishment than playing in front of thousands of people or getting a No. 1 hit because music is a universal language,” Joubert said. “When you play with accomplished musicians, you’re not often playing songs that you know. Someone takes off and you follow. It’s part of creating in that moment in time. Some of the best music is composed that way, when you never know what’s coming next.”

A member of artist management company Autumn Lee Productions, Joubert embraces the company’s tenet “Music is the healer,” and he makes time to share his gift and encouragement with those not only in his audience, but in his community as well.

The good in humanity was more evident than ever in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.

“While the storm hit us with historic surge and wind, the aftermath, though destructive, showed me what we as a people can accomplish when times get hard,” Joubert said. “We come together and help each other out!”

Joubert encourages others to “Be the change you want to see in the world,” and that can begin with something as simple as an encouraging word.

“Time for a Change” and Joubert’s other singles can be found on YouTube, Spotify, Amazon, iHeart Radio, iTunes, Pandora and other music outlets.