Safety driving tips from LSP

Published 8:55 am Wednesday, March 2, 2022

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As a reminder, Troopers urge motorists to keep these safe driving tips in mind as they travel on interstate highway systems:
Only stop on the shoulder of interstate highway systems for emergencies, such as a mechanical failure or in the case of a medical emergency. Louisiana law states that if you encounter any vehicle on the shoulder utilizing emergency lighting or hazard lights, you are required to move to the furthest lane possible. If you are not able to move over, reduce your speed to a reasonable speed until you pass the stopped vehicle.
Refrain from traveling through the median, as well as entering emergency crossovers that are designated for authorized vehicles. Louisiana law states that only authorized emergency personnel are permitted to cross through the median of an interstate highway system.
In addition, avoid walking or standing on the interstate highway systems. Louisiana law states that no pedestrian shall cross an interstate highway system, except in the case of an emergency.
Should you encounter any emergency while traveling on any roadway in Louisiana which requires assistance, you can dial *577 (*LSP). This number will connect you to the Troop headquarters in your area.