Quinn Summary – Evolution?

Published 9:30 am Sunday, February 20, 2022

by Rix Quinn

     Not long ago, I heard somebody say he didn’t think people were highly evolved. I disagree.

     Humans possess remarkable powers. We can walk, run, swim, and even fly (if we hold a boarding pass). Other creatures aren’t so adaptable.

     Fish can swim, but walk poorly. Birds can fly, but often misjudge altitude, and end up as hood ornaments. Some snakes can squeeze you to death…but who wants an affectionate reptile?

     Bears possess power, but hibernate all winter, and miss some great parties. Rabbits multiply quickly, but can’t understand other math.  Amoebas divide, but often separate from their better halves.

     Beavers build constantly, but they live a dam hard life. Wild pigs are unpredictable, and can boar you senseless. Turtles appear gentle, but rarely come out of their shells.

     However, animals can learn by trial-and-error. Scientists discovered that even some wild beasts master complicated tricks if rewarded with food.

     But those researchers soon ran out of snacks. So, the animals escaped, and rewarded themselves with a treat they named “biologist on a bun.”

     Despite this minor lunchroom error, folks have survived with intellect, ingenuity, and improvisation.

     And when cornered – unlike other animals – some folks can simply talk their way out of problems. That skill, of course, is salvation through conversation.

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