Career Fair highlights healthy jobs with healthy earnings

Published 12:02 am Saturday, February 12, 2022

WALLACE — The Descendants Project, a nonprofit organization, is hosting the “Jobs that Don’t Stink” Career Fair on Friday, Feb. 18, from 4 to 8 p.m. at the Fee-Fo-Lay Cafe, located at 5593 Highway 18, Vacherie.
In partnership with Louisiana Bucket Brigade, the career fair will highlight jobs throughout the River Parishes in non-heavy industries, including tourism, administration, environmental justice and construction for all skill levels.

The “Jobs that Don’t Stink” Career Fair will focus on jobs that produce little to no pollution relative to employment in heavy industries. Jo Banner, co-founder of the Descendants project and one of the fair creators, thinks it’s time the community moves away from the “stench” of heavy industry.

“For decades, we’ve been told the only way to make money is through jobs that produce harmful, foul-smelling pollutants,” said Banner. “Our job fair is proof that residents do not need to sacrifice their health and the health of the community to earn a living.”

Employers will be on hand to provide information and, in some cases, conduct interviews on the spot. Organizations such as Whitney Plantation: A Slavery Museum, Power Coalition and the Just Recovery Network are just a few organizations participating.

“The businesses at our job fair have openings for at least 20 well-paid jobs that can lead to careers. This is a much brighter future for our region than endless pollution,” said Anne Rolfes, director of the Louisiana Bucket Brigade.

Residents can also apply for the River For Reel job training program – a film industry training program created primarily to assist River Parishes residents in obtaining film jobs.

The Descendants Project also plans outreach to area schools, such as West St. John High School in Edgard.

“Our fair provides a great opportunity for graduating seniors who are seeking employment but are inexperienced,” Banner said.

With a few weeks of training, participants should be ready to enter the workforce in the respective program.

For more information about the “Jobs That Don’t Stink” Career fair, including ways for employers to participate, please contact  Jo Banner at 225-206-1993 or

— Submitted by The Descendants Project