State of Louisiana Makes Legal Move to Join Lawsuit against New Orleans COVID Mandates

Published 12:07 pm Wednesday, February 2, 2022

BATON ROUGE, LA – Less than a day after more than 100 parents filed suit challenging the draconian vaccine and mask dictates imposed by the City of New Orleans, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry petitioned a court to have the State of Louisiana intervene in Andrews v. Cantrell.

Attorney General Landry – who has led and joined numerous legal challenges to local, state, and federal COVID mandates – maintains that healthcare decisions should be made by individuals, not dictated by the government.

“Through her coercive tactics, the Mayor of New Orleans is trying to interfere with the healthcare choices of families,” said Attorney General Landry. “Like the Governor, who overrode the will of the people’s representatives and unlawfully mandated COVID shots on Louisiana’s students, the Mayor is abusing her office.”

“The parents, guardians, and – most importantly – the children who rely upon services in the Crescent City deserve much better,” added Attorney General Landry. “I hope the lawsuit successfully ends this attempt to force a medical procedure on these citizens.”


The State of Louisiana’s motion to intervene and its memorandum in support of the intervention may be found at