Daughter accused of killing mother while moving out of shared home

Published 9:48 am Wednesday, February 2, 2022

By American Press Staff

An Iowa, La., woman has been arrested in the death of her mother.

Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff Chief Deputy Christopher Ivey said deputies were called around 6 p.m. Tuesday to 2223 Pousson Road in reference to a battery. When deputies arrived, they spoke with the complainant who reported a physical altercation between her and her granddaughter, Savannah, had occurred earlier in the day and continued while Savannah was moving her belongings out of the home.

The complainant was also worried about her daughter, April Springs, 42 who had come home from work and was arguing with Savannah outside. The complainant told deputies Savannah and her husband had taken April Springs to the hospital and that there was a large amount of blood on the roadway.

Ivey said Calcasieu deputies were called to Christus Oschner St. Patrick Hospital where April Springs was admitted with severe injuries and detained Savanna and her husband while the investigation continued.

Deputies determined that when Savannah attempted to leave the Pousson address in her vehicle, her mother April Daniel Springs was fatally injured attempting to stop Savannah from leaving in her car.

Deputies arrested Savannah Deshaye Lawrence, 22, of 12223 Pousson road, for manslaughter. She is being held in the parish jail with no bond.