St. Charles Catholic Loves to Learn

Published 2:15 pm Tuesday, January 25, 2022


LAPLACE-After the Christmas break, the Comets returned to St. Charles Catholic High School eager to continue learning! Many of the teachers had special lessons and projects prepared to welcome students back to class.


The Psychology class studied the activity of the brain when it comes to complex tasks, like juggling, thanks to the insight of Mrs. Bologna and Mr. Montz. The course gives students insights into the study of the brain and the practice of psychology in its various specialties.  Mr. Montz demonstrated how to juggle while Mrs. Bologna connected the demonstration to the class’s study of brain function.


The Chemistry class started their Stoichiometry unit, baking brownies in the chemistry lab and using those recipes to discover the math behind the chemistry.  Using one class period to prepare their brownie batches and the next to consider the math and science hidden in the recipes, the juniors learned about the relationship of reactants and products in various quantities.


Biology tried their hand at a new type of group work that utilized their iPads and interactive notebooks as they began their new material studying the cell.  Using their notes to develop answers to higher order questions, the Google Meet function of Google Classroom allowed the sophomores to collaborate using internet research, traditional textbook sources, and friendly collaboration to arrive at sophisticated answers.


English V AP continued their “student lessons” where the Comets are assigned a poem to teach to their fellow classmates, presenting and preparing activities as though they were the instructor of the course.  These lessons allow the students to demonstrate full mastery of their analytical, communicative, and public speaking skills.


United States History AP completed a practice Long Essay Question, mimicking the conditions of the AP Exam and using the designated College Board rubric to practice historical thinking skills and reveal mastery of knowledge concerning the era between 1800-1848.  Advanced Placement courses allowed students to earn college credit through an end-of-course exam in May, and SCC offers AP courses in US History, Literature and Language, and Advanced Composition.




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