In memory of John McKnight

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 12, 2022

This article is in memory of John McKnight, who died 10 years ago. He attended our weekly men’s Bible sharing meetings and was a man at that meeting who not only showed us how to live, but how to die, knowing that the best was yet to come. His request before his death was for his wife, Ann, to place a fork in his top coat pocket at the wake.

Why the fork?  John remembered a story about a Christian lady who was facing death.  She had lived a long, good life and was known to be a little particular about everything she was involved in, especially the small details. The story goes that before she died, her pastor asked if there was anything he could do. She proceeded to tell him what songs she wanted at her funeral and requested that he share the salvation message at the service. Before he left, she said, “Another thing I would like is that a fork be placed in my casket, so the people who view my body will wonder why the fork?”

The pastor, puzzled, asked why?  She then told the pastor that at most banquets, when the main course has been completed, the server will pick up the dishes and many times tell you to hold the fork, because the best (dessert) is yet to come. “Pastor,” she said, “at my funeral I want you to tell the people that if they are prepared to enter eternity, the best is yet to come.”

Two months before John died, he was unable to attend the meetings that were so important to him, so the men decided to have meetings at his house. Those meetings were good for John, but great for the men who attended.

I’ll never forget one of my last visits with John when he shared how great God had been to him and Ann!

John’s been gone for a few years, but the spirit that he left lives on for his family and the men who had the privilege of knowing him.


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