Final pass for Hurricane Ida debris is underway

Published 3:16 pm Wednesday, January 12, 2022

LAPLACE — The final pass for Hurricane Ida debris collection began January 10 and may last up to four or five weeks, according to Parish administration.

Purchasing Director Peter Montz said all streets across St. John the Baptist Parish will be serviced during this final sweep. Since January 1, approximately 3,500 cubic yards of vegetative and construction/demolition debris have been collected daily. Around 10 trucks are on the road every day as debris contractor CrowderGulf continues to service the region.

Debris trucks were spotted on the West Bank in Lucy and in the Live Oak Landing subdivision of LaPlace early this week. Montz asked for patience and ensured residents that everyone will be served in the weeks to come.

“The final pass will continue until all the debris is swept up and all the streets are taken care of,” Montz said. “It will be an entire sweep, street by street. No piles are going to be passed up.”

Close to 1 million cubic yards of Hurricane Ida debris have been removed from St. John the Baptist Parish streets over the past four months, according to Parish President Jaclyn Hotard.

Parish administration understands there will be extenuating circumstances, as some residents are still awaiting funds to begin working on their homes.
“After we’ve completed the final pass, if residents are still gutting their homes or we know they haven’t been able to begin that process, we will collect that debris as well,” Hotard said.

Surveying areas of the West Bank early Tuesday morning, Councilman Lennix Madere saw piles of debris lining neighborhood streets.

“Some individuals are still gutting their homes. One of the biggest problems we have with our residents getting their debris out is some of these insurance companies,” Madere said. “I will say CrowderGulf is doing an excellent job. Even though there is still a lot of work ahead of us, they have done a lot.”

Madere also wanted to ensure residents that the Second Ward High School site in Edgard would be cleared of debris after the final pass is complete.

Montz agreed, stating, “Once this project is complete, the Second Ward site will be left in just as good or better condition as when we found it.”

As the final pass gets underway, residents can submit requests for debris pick-up by texting their address to 504-884-0607 or by calling 985-652-9569.

All debris should also be placed at the curb, away from any utility equipment, mailboxes or low hanging trees or power lines.