My most memorable Christmas

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 22, 2021

I’ve experienced many Christmases in my lifetime, and as I reflect, the one I remember the most is the one in 1992. My oldest daughter, Ronny, after being diagnosed with acute leukemia, was undergoing treatment at the M.D. Anderson Medical Center in Houston. She was receiving chemotherapy in total isolation.
On Christmas Eve, I flew to Houston to be with her. It was hard to see my daughter under those conditions and not able to even touch her hand. We communicated through the speaker system and it was good just to be there.
That night, I stayed in the lobby of the hospital and read the Bible. I didn’t sleep, except to doze off once in a while. I read and concentrated on God’s Word more than any other time in my Christian walk.
Christmas Day was quiet at the medical center. I visited the patients that were on the same floor as Ronny and spoke with many of their relatives who were also visiting.
It was a good day and I was encouraged by the faith that Ronny had when she told the doctor, “I’ll be home next Christmas, healed, and with my family.”
After 11 months of chemotherapy, Ronny did celebrate Christmas of 1993 at home.
Much to the surprise of the doctors, she got pregnant in January of 1994 and gave birth to a healthy baby girl on October 31. She named her Victoria Grace as a reminder that the Victory is in Jesus Christ and His Grace is sufficient for all our needs. Victoria is now married and expecting her first child in January.
It’s been 29 years since that experience in Houston. It will always be rated as my most memorable Christmas.
Today, Ronny is completely healed as the result of a miracle from God. She is active, completing a book about God’s healing power, and enjoying her five children and six grandchildren.

Jeanne and I will spend Christmas with most of our family, exchange gifts and enjoy the day. God has blessed us abundantly. We are so grateful for His mercy and faithfulness.
May all of you have a Merry Christmas filled with much love, joy, and peace!

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