Celebrate each day with a grateful heart

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Someone once told me there was no such things as problems, only opportunities. I found this concept odd, but it is a matter of perspective.


The problem with problems is that we often can’t see what is there. Not being able to see the forest through the trees. Generally, most problems are short-lived, and all problems have a solution. In fact, there is usually more than one and finding it may be a matter of changing your perspective. The promise of the solution being one that you are going to like or that it is a good idea isn’t promised. The amount of time needed may be longer than desired. The only thing assured is that there is a solution.

Often troubles capture our attention, but they are really more like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.  With only a single piece it is extremely difficult to see the bigger picture, but as the pieces fall in place things become more obvious. If the puzzle has an abstract picture, like life, it can change based upon your perspective.

On an everyday level, I complain about having to do housework; however, the chore means I have a home. I complain about having to ride my bicycle, but I am healthy enough to complete the task and it helps to keep me healthy. I complain about having to decide what to buy at the grocery store, but I have enough food to feed my family. I complain about going through menopause, but I don’t look my age.

The past couple of years has not been the best of times. It was challenging on many levels for a great many people, but there were blessings and reasons to be thankful. Like finding the elusive solution, blessings are not always obvious. Professionally, COVID gave us tools and taught us how to work remotely, which was a blessing after our most recent challenge-Hurricane Ida. These trying times were also a reminder to appreciate our local heroes.

Speaking of heroes, L’OBSERVATEUR, like many of you have faced various issues from the storm. Some of these issues have been more trying than others, but through it all we have seen blessings. Some of these came from the company we are lucky to work for and our “coworkers” at other newspapers in our group. Their help was overwhelming. On a local level, we are blessed by our staff. Brooke Robichaux Cantrelle, Dee Washburn, Diane Browning and Debbie Bailey have all gone above and beyond to make sure L’OBSERVATEUR and lobservateur.com continue to run, in spite of everything.  Gene Franques, who will be in the community to help businesses with marketing solutions, has been a blessing to us on many levels, one of which included helping me to deliver newspapers while we searched for a new carrier. I also want to thank Norman Volion who has been there repeatedly when we needed him.  We are thankful for all of partners, both locally and far away, that have helped us and continue to help during this time. I appreciate you all. In the face of finding a solution to our next “opportunity,” I can tell you, “it will be okay.”  Why will it be okay? Because we have no choice.


Christine Browning is general manager for L’OBSERVATEUR. She can be reached at christine.browning@lobservateur.com.