After 40 years, he’s still the one

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Forty years. My husband and I have been married for 40 years. How can it feel like I’ve always been married, yet also feel as though the years have flown by?

One of us is a late-night, late-morning person, while the other enjoys the stillness of an early morning. One is a better chef, the other a better baker. One keeps abreast of all things technical, the other is firmly attached to pen and paper. One travels mostly for work, but fully supports the other’s adventures.

And after 40 years, Michael is still the one.

We have shared the responsibilities of five children, the maintenance of a home, and the navigation of various career moves. The only thing I refuse to share is my dessert.

While we had dreams for our future, neither of us imagined the joy we would receive from our grandchildren. Currently we are entertained by six of them, with two more due in 2022. Although our anniversary is always within day of Thanksgiving, I am daily grateful for the gift of marriage.

We’ve had better, and we’ve had worse. We’ve endured sickness, and we’ve enjoyed health. We’ve been richer, and we’ve been poorer. And, 40 years later, we still encounter hurdles. We still ask God for help, and He still meets us where we are, and shows us how to move to where we need to be. I pray it will be this way, until death parts us.


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