Community resilience requires all of us

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Hurricane Ida was a climate related disaster that will certainly take us a long time to recover from. While our heart aches for what we lost in this storm and others like it in the past, we are enlightened by the glimmers of hope that emerge in the darkness. It is undeniable that when these moments strike there is no other option than for the entire community to pull together urgently to support each other.

Louisiana has a vibrant community of support, and everyone has something unique they bring to the table. The community turned to our emergency response teams for safety and shelter, our medical professionals for healthcare, our newsrooms for information, our policymakers for leadership, our non-profits for aid recovery, our pastors for faith, and our neighbors, friends and family for emotional support. We all pulled together in this time of darkness to light the community.

At Greenfield, when the crisis hit, we knew our role in the community would be to provide food and fuel to those in need as quickly as possible. We called all over the region to find available fuel and water and get it to the community as fast as possible. Over the course of five days, Greenfield was able to provide 20,000 gallons of gas and more than 4,000 hot meals to those in need.

In the course of those days, in conversations with our neighbors it just became even more clear to that business plays just as integral a role in the community as every other actor. The health of our communities is the measurement of our business success.


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