Food trucks allowed in St. Charles Parish for next 60 days

Published 6:30 am Friday, October 22, 2021

Hahnville, LA – President Matthew Jewell has issued an executive order to allow food trucks to operate in the parish for the next 60 days and is working to amend the code of ordinance to allow Food Trucks to operate legally throughout St. Charles Parish and believes he will have the full support from the Council.

In the interim, the executive order allows food trucks to operate under the following guidelines:

  • Food trucks may only operate on private property with permission from the property owner.
  • Food trucks are prohibited from operating on residential property.
  • All food trucks must show proof of occupancy license, sales tax license, and board of health certificate.

Food trucks may not operate on public property in public rights-of-way. Any food truck causing hazards to pedestrians or impeding traffic, may be asked to relocate.

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