Lutcher Bulldogs dominate St. James in rivalry game

Published 10:01 am Saturday, October 9, 2021

VACHERIE — The rivalry between the St. James Wildcats and the Lutcher Bulldogs is one of the biggest River Parish rivalries and was not a disappointment in the least.

The Dogs traveled to Vacherie to try to gain bragging rights this year and redeem themselves from a catfight last year which ended close, but in a loss for Lutcher by three points. This time, Lutcher started off on fire as they scored two touchdowns in the first quarter. The Bulldogs kept the Wildcats from scoring and the first quarter ended with the Dogs on top, 14-0.

The Bulldogs would not let up as Winfield scored another touchdown to make the score 21-0 in the second quarter. St James seemed to struggle to keep the Bulldog offense under control but the Wildcat line just couldn’t hold the Bulldogs. The Bulldogs put another score on the board which made the score 28-0. The Wildcats defensive line just could not hold the Bulldogs running game and the Dogs seemed to have found all the right holes and made big important plays early in the first half. The Bulldogs ended the first half on top with the score 28-0 against the Wildcats.

The Lutcher Bulldogs came into the third quarter with the same energy they started the game, making the Wildcats work hard to make stops and decrease yardage. St James’ Daniel Jupiter finally put the Wildcats on the board with a touchdown, 6-0 but the extra point was no good. The Wildcats came back and challenged the Bulldogs defensively when they blocked a punt and scored again, which made the score 28-12. But penalties hurt the Wildcats and the two-point conversion was no good. More penalties continued to haunt the Wildcats and gave Lutcher yards and more opportunities to capitalize.

Lutcher scored again, which made the score 34-12 after the extra point was no good. Lutcher got another break with an interception late in the third quarter and ended the quarter with the ball and the score of 34-12 over the Wildcats.

The Bulldogs continued their offensive assault and scored which made the score 41-12. However, St. James would not give up and also scored which made the score 41-19. The defensive line of the Lutcher Bulldogs just did not quit and made it extremely difficult for the St. James Wildcats to score.

The combined forces of Lutcher’s offense and defense showed everyone who dominated the rival game this year. The game ended with the Bulldogs on top this year with a score of 41-19. Outstanding play was seen from D’Wanye Winfield, who finished the night with five touchdowns. It was a very good night for both teams.

By Tara Williams