SCSO Hurricane Ida debris removal information

Published 3:06 pm Monday, September 6, 2021

Hahnville, LA – St. Charles Parish’s Hurricane Ida debris collectors started debris removal Sunday, September 5. To expedite the removal process, residents should place debris curbside and ensure it does not block the roadway or impede drainage ditches and culverts.

Please refrain from placing stacking debris near gas meters, water meters, fire hydrants or AT&T boxes. Grapple trucks picking up debris could potentially damage equipment while attempting to pick up if there is debris in those areas.

Residents must separate the debris into the following six categories (examples in parentheses):

  • Household Garbage (bagged garbage, discarded food, paper, packaging)
  • Construction Debris (building materials, drywall, lumber, carpet, furniture, plumbing)
  • Vegetation Debris (tree branches, leaves, logs, plants)
  • Household Hazardous Waste (oil, battery, pesticide, paint, cleaning supplies, compressed gas)
  • Empty ‘White’ Goods (refrigerator, washer/dryer, air conditioner, stove, water heater, dishwasher)
  • Electronics (television, computer, stereo, phone, DVD player)

Residents should limit curbside garbage to two 32-gallon containers or eight trash bags, share piles with neighbors and secure refrigerator and freezer doors with duct tape.

The debris contractors will make multiple passes throughout the parish to ensure all debris is removed.

At this time, Pelican Waste is performing residential garbage service at limited capacity. Due to storm-related damages, Pelican Waste is not following its normal pickup schedule. Residents will be notified in the morning when Pelican Waste is en route to their towns via SCPAlerts.

To sign up for emergency alerts, visit For more information regarding Ida and St. Charles Parish, please visit our website at, Cox Channel 6, UVerse Channel 99, or follow us on Facebook (@stcharlesgov) and Instagram (@stcharlesgovernment).