Picture of the Day 8/25

Published 8:30 am Wednesday, August 25, 2021

1971- Members of the St. John the Baptist Parish Planning Commission and representatives of N-Y  Associates, Inc., study a comprehensive program proposed for the parish. Seated (from left) are Fred Brady, commission member; Gerald Keller, commission chairman, and Carl Monica, commission member. Standing are Jack R. Cosner, director, architecture and planning, N-Y Associates, Inc., and Frank Nicoladis, president, N-Y Associates, Inc. Present plans call for the study to be completed by December 31. Included in the study are a population analysi, an economic base study, a neighborhood analysis, a land use survey, future land use plans, traffic and transportation studies, existing community facilities and preliminary goals and objectives. The commission will again on September 30. N-Y Associates, Inc., are the planning consultants for the parishwide program.