Picture of the day 07/23

Published 8:00 am Friday, July 23, 2021

1976: circa 1945 : Although this photo has been battered with time, it nonetheless tells an interesting story. For a start, look at those classy uniforms. What about those helmets minus the face guards? And what about the football the young man on the right is holding? Now look at the very faint writing on the cards the two youngsters are holding. If you need some help, there’s a GT on the card on the left and a LSU on the right. The LSU should not stump you, but if you’re trying to figure out the GT, it stands for Georgia Tech and the young man giving them the plus Mark Keller, the police jury member from Reserve. That’s his brother Harold of the Bank of St. John fame standing next to him. Now go back and examine that equipment again. Look at those helmets, those pants and that football. That’s how long Mark has been an avid Georgia Tech fan.