Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Recently the Secretary of the Veterans Administration announced that, at the direction of the Biden Administration, it is preparing to start providing “gender reassignment surgery” to approximately 34,000 transgender veterans.

“Gender reassignment surgery” is elective surgery. The VA does not provide elective surgery to any other class of veterans. Yet they are attempting to provide this surgical procedure to a class that represents less than .002% of veterans.

The cost of this surgery in civilian hospitals averages $20,000 per patient. That translates into $660 million. And that is only if the VA, as a  government agency, can hold the cost to civilian standards, a task that the federal government has time and again shown to be incapable of.

Currently, there are many services the VA either does not provide or provides only to a small group of “eligible” veterans. An example of this is dental services. The only veterans able to access dental service are former P.O.W.s and veterans whose dental conditions are direct result of military service. Yet we know that poor dental health can lead and contribute to serious medical problems.

The decision to provide “gender reassignment surgery” is another blatant attempt at “social engineering” by the Federal government with the cost paid by 19 million veterans who have unselfishly served their country.


Allan Reynaud


LaPlace Post #383

The American Legion