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Zip NOLA opening soon in LaPlace Region’s 1st zipline combines adventure & environmental education

LAPLACE — Zip NOLA, the region’s first and only swamp zipline experience, is opening this month at 301 Peavine Road in LaPlace. Featuring five ziplines constructed 60 feet above the Maurepas Swamp, Zip NOLA offers thrill-seeking visitors and nature lovers of all ages the chance to traverse the canopies of New Orleans’ iconic cypress trees and swamplands while learning about its history and wildlife.

The course is roughly one-half mile long, taking guests approximately an hour and a half to complete. Riders begin the adventure from atop a 60-foot start platform, with complete views of the Maurepas Swamp, Lake Pontchartrain, Frenier, and even the New Orleans skyline. As riders traverse the course, they will enjoy five separate ziplines, two suspension bridges and a one-of-a-kind spiral Cypress Tree staircase. Aside from the incredible scenery, riders can expect the possibility of viewing alligators, turtles, snakes, whitetail deer, wild boar, racoons, opossums, armadillos, egrets, herons and much more from the comfort and safety of the treetops.

Founded by New Orleans locals and lifelong outdoor enthusiasts, Tyler Richardson and Barry

Gros Jr., Zip NOLA delivers an immersive swamp adventure that doubles as an educational

experience by providing knowledgeable local guides to inform guests on the swamp’s unique

environment and inhabitants.

“Nature can be our greatest classroom, and it was the love of the swamp and the need for

innovative ways to explore it that ultimately led to Zip NOLA becoming a reality,” said Tyler

Richardson, co-founder of Zip NOLA. “Our vision is to merge the thrill of zipline with the

beauty of the swamp in an educational environment.”

The state-of-the-art facility is equipped with two suspension bridges, a spiral tree staircase and

over 20,000 linear feet of advanced zipline technology, including magnetic braking devices and

redundancies to provide the safest ride possible.

“We’re thrilled to bring this unique activity to New Orleans,” said Barry Gros Jr., co-founder of

Zip NOLA. “Until now, we’ve only been able to view our incredible swamplands by boat or

plane. Visitors will now be able to see our state’s iconic scenery and wildlife from a stunning

bird’s eye point of view.”

Each tour has two local guides to supervise the course, adhere to safety protocols and educate

guests. The facility also features a gift shop with a spacious elevated deck overlooking the

Maurepas Swamp, which offers merchandise, souvenirs, snacks and two critter enclosures for

baby alligators, turtles and fish.

For visitors looking for COVID-19-safe activities, Zip NOLA’s seating area is all open air, as is the

activity itself. Tours furthermore have a maximum capacity of 12 and all PPE and public spaces

are thoroughly sanitized between uses.

Zip NOLA’s facility also includes a 1,200 square foot gift shop equipped with souvenirs

and merchandise as well as an enclosure for baby alligators and turtles. Zip NOLA also features

an expansive 2,000 square foot elevated seating area overlooking the Maurepas Swamp.

Tickets are $89 per person and will be available for purchase online soon at www.zipnola.com.

For more information, follow Zip NOLA on Instagram or Facebook.