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Riverside Academy presents carnival balls

RESERVE — Riverside Academy in Reserve will present their carnival balls on Friday, March 26, 2021 with Junior Court and Saturday, March 27, 2021 with Senior Court.

Riverside Academy family and friends will be astonished as Krewe Bord de L’eau presents “Journey Through a Child’s Imagination”. Both balls will be held at 7:00 p.m. in their gymnasium. Jr. King Rebel XLII Ken Catoire and Jr. Queen Dixie XLII Brynnan Melancon will reign as monarchs over their court on Friday night. Sr. King Rebel XLI Mason Meyer and Sr. Queen Dixie XLI Layken Epperly will reign as monarchs over their court on Saturday night.

The two courts combined raised $66,682.24 for Riverside Academy.

Along with the king and queen, Jr. court members include Prince Pierre Rauch and Princess Kelsey Hoover, first duke and maid Liam Naquin and Avery Cashio, second duke and maid Beaux Brock and Layla Price, third duke and maid Caiden Garcich and Miley Loupe, fourth duke and maid Dane Barraco and Kolbi Heltz, fifth duke and maid Nathan Walker and Mia Fleetwood. Pages to the king and queen are Camila Ramos and Braylon Melancon. Returning this year to share in the excitement are Jr. King Rebel
XLI Owen Guidry and Jr. Queen Dixie XLI Brynley Roccaforte.

Along with the king and queen of the Sr. court members include Prince Robert Wells and Princess Alysa Epperly, first duke and maid Tyler Palermo and Cara Campbell, second duke and maid Thomas Mazzella and Lexie Heltz, third duke and maid Andrew Jung and Emily Duhe, fourth duke and maid Zach Vicknair and Alyssa Hebert and fifth duke and maid Colby Wilson and Monica Boudreaux. Pages to the king and queen are Lily Scott and Paisley Wheelahan. Returning this year to engage in the festivities are Sr. King Rebel are XL Jackson Steincamp and Sr. Queen Dixie XL Patience Pray.

Ushers for the two nights are Jeremy Jung, Logan Loving, Nick Washington, and Andre’ Murphy.