LETTER TO THE EDITOR ‘NO EXCUSES’ for lack of accountability

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 24, 2021

While every local area has its favored teacher programs, in this reality of teacher shortage, schools are increasingly taking all-comers. NO EXCUSES!

Being a teacher is harder now than it’s probably ever been. More is asked of them (in good and bad ways). Students are also facing enormous challenges, and there’s an increasing sense that someone has to be “accountable.” NO EXCUSES!

Reading is the gateway to other academic areas and foundation to success in other subjects.

“ Foundation” in education used to be reading, writing and arithmetic. (R+W+A) is the way we start our day. “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Dr. Seuss.

Coupled with technology we will have enough trained teachers to help that child who can become the next Dr. Charles Drew, the next Edith Clarke-MIT Electrical Engineer, or the next Thurgood Marshall who argued about Civil Rights for everyone. NO EXCUSES!

The Federal Government has an interest in education. The States, however, have primary responsibility for the maintenance and operation of public schools.

Each State is required by its state constitution to provide a school system whereby children may receive an education. Many state legislatures delegate power over the school system to a state board of education, which must hold leaders accountable. NO EXCUSES!

Why don’t we start accountability from the top and not the bottom?

Instead of punishing students for failing a single test, why don’t we make someone accountable for developing and implementing a realistic and fair means of assessing the learning and progress of our children? This would have to include class participation, homework, testing and other factors.

Who is going to be accountable for all the schools that have gone an entire year without proper resources and all basic essentials in spite of numerous requests to the administration?



“Education is a social process. Education is growth.

Education is not a preparation for life;

Education is life itself.”         John Dewey