Bailey: Redbull is garbage; drink the music!

Published 10:59 am Saturday, August 22, 2020

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The peak of the 1960s era music has been an essential staple for American life; most patriots like myself will agree with this notion. Recently, the outbreak of a pandemic, COVID-19, has slowed our American infrastructure to a crawl.

Our seriously needed organic fuel is music. Redbull is garbage. Drink the music! Our music business is at a standstill! The studios are near bankruptcy, and they need your help. Participate. “How?”

Get in touch with artists you know. Ask them to tell friends that play music or show interest that it’s time to use our studios. Negotiate with people more. Open a business if you have the vision! Just go to a bank and ask.

Nothing on earth is more selfish, depraved and irresponsible than holding yourself back due to what “others will think.” In 100 years, whatever you say won’t matter! You are in control of your own actions, so forget everyone else. Take the risk. If you have the heart of a performer, climb on stage and let the world see you.

We need some musicians to record in New Orleans; help save the industry by just calling any studio or email me. Rappers, time to shine!

Get to a Music Studio, stat, for some fuel production. If you know anyone who brings joy through an instrument, including voice, please keep them doing it, and be very encouraging; it is a fundamental way to keep the artist from giving in to the thoughts in their head about giving up.

It doesn’t matter how this reality is achieved. If masks are worn and the music business ends up back on top, we will have won! It’s revolution time because it’s essential for music studios to be here. Without them, producers will be withdrawn by the wayside. It is impossible to experience right now due to the pandemic.

I remember when people would drink corona beer while enjoying the luxury of live music.

Thousands of people of all types jammed into bars, casinos, arenas and other alluring atmospheres to have one fantastic time no matter the Kind of music. Gansta K-Pop to Katy Perry Dubstep is acceptable in these environments because of the actual live experience. Music is all about celebrating the human spirit, love, humanity and the togetherness of everyone attending these shows.

Daniel O. Bailey grew up in LaPlace and currently resides in Madisonville. He maintains a strong connection to the River Parishes and yearns to bring positive change to the community one small wavelength at a time, whether through writing or music. He can be reached at