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St. John under flash flood watch til Tuesday morning

St. John the Baptist Parish – A Flash Flood Watch for portions of Southeastern Louisiana including St. John Parish is in effect until  7 a.m. on Tuesday. Tropical Storm Cristobal is projected to possibly make landfall in Louisiana this weekend with heavy rainfall as the main threat. Local officials are monitoring the system and are in regular communications with the National Weather Service.
Although track and intensity of this storm are highly uncertain, residents should prepare for heavy rainfall of 10 inches of rain or more with locally higher amounts and strong winds through Tuesday.
St. John Parish mailed a copy of the 2020 Hurricane Brochure to all residents and businesses with preparedness information. Items such as battery-powered flashlights, extra batteries, medications, water, non-perishable foods, hand-operated can openers, first aid supplies, radios and important documents should be readily accessible. You can view additional information here.
Employees in the Public Works and Utilities departments are out working in preparation including checking all pump and lift stations and pumping down drainage systems.
Please assist at home by helping to clean out catch basins and storm drains and avoiding placing debris in ditches, drainage canals, and on the side of the road that may impede drainage or become projectiles. Residents are encouraged to finalize all preparations and stay tuned for future weather updates.