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Wells: Steps to student success – A plan to build relationships among students & industry

At River Parishes Community College, we strive to promote educational success amongst our students, faculty and staff through our curriculum, partnerships and relationships. We intend to measure the success of scholars by their graduation rate and ability of our scholars to become employable.

The Technical Training Center at River Parishes Community College has developed a plan to provide the Steps to Success for our technical scholars. Our end goal is to graduate and job place 65 percent of our enrollment every May by the 2024-2025 School Year.  We will be using GradCast to track our data. This plan will be managed by Cherri Wells, the learning base coordinator at RPCC.  The Steps of Student Success will be implemented in five phases.

  • Phase One (First Semester):Guest Speaker
  • Phase Two (Second Semester):On-Site Tours
  • Phase Three (Third Semester)

O Part One: Partnership Day

O Part Two:  March Mock Interview Month

  • Phase Four (Fourth Semester)

O Part One: Internships

O Part Two: Virtual Mentor

  • Phase Five: (Graduation)Tracking the Success of our Technical Graduates

              *All Technical Programs take four semesters to complete*

We have successfully implemented Phase I of our process. During Technical College Month in February, we had our community partners participate in classroom Guest Speaking. Each guest speaker provided information pertaining to the financial, educational, career ladder, and daily responsibilities of each technical field: Drafting & Design, Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Industrial Maintenance, Instrumentation, Process Technology, and Welding. The Steps of Student Success could not be successful without the aid of our community industry partners, faculty and staff, and of course, our technical scholars at River Parishes Community College.

 If you would like to apply to River Parishes Community College, please visit our website at www.rpcc.edu or call our Student Services Department at 225-743-8500. If you are an employer seeking out Internship, Apprenticeship, Full-time and/or Part-time positions with our technical scholars please contact Cherri Wells at cwells@rpcc.edu.