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Michel: Loved ones in Heaven are far from lonely

My sister Kay died almost a year ago. I’ve thought of her every single day since then. I’ve reached for my phone to call her, laughed at a story I couldn’t wait to tell her, and even thought, “It’s time for Kay to come home, she’s been gone long enough.” Then I remember…

Recently there was a thought that haunted me. I wondered if she’s lonely for her family. Is she meeting people and connecting with family members? Is she okay without us?

Afraid to subject others to my nagging thoughts, I kept them to myself and dealt with them the best I could. One day as I was scrolling Facebook, I landed on a video of Dale Black, a pilot who died in a plane crash and visited Heaven before returning to Earth.

He said that when he got to Heaven, he saw a group of people approaching him. Somehow, he knew that they were coming to welcome him. He assumed that they were family members, but as they got closer, he didn’t recognize anyone. Nevertheless, he loved them, and they loved him. In that moment, he said that he realized that with God as their Father, they were all brothers and sisters regardless of prior relationships. (Later he said that he saw family members who had died.)

That short video set me free from the torment I had been experiencing. Instantly, I had peace that Kay is with family – with her brothers and sisters in Christ, and that she is far from lonely.

Only God knew the thoughts that had darkened too many of my days, and He used a video to lay those fears to rest.

I know that I will see my sweet sister again, and that meeting will truly be out of this world.

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