Build school spirit and foster community

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 28, 2019

School spirit can make people smile and bring them together for a common goal. Creating a balanced environment in schools also can help students feel more comfortable and happier about attending class each day.

Activities for building spirit can range from simple things like wearing silly hats or rooting on the sports team to more complex activities.

  • Invite guest speakers. Invite local community members to discuss their experiences or alumni share their memories of attending the school. Having students learn from these people can provide incentive for them to do well in school.
  • Celebrate diversity. Various months or weeks of the year are dedicated to celebrating particular ethnic, cultural or special groups. Tie school spirit occasions into these events to commemorate the unique diversity at your school.
  • Raise money for charity. Penny Wars are a great way to raise funds for special interest projects and charities. Homerooms collect as many pennies as they can for a week. Rival classes “sabotage” by throwing nickels, dimes and quarters into the buckets. The pennies are tallied, and the other currency is subtracted from the total. The class with the most money wins a pizza party, and the funds raised are then donated.
  • Choose a new mascot. Ask students to vote for a new school mascot. While they are exploring the possibilities, kids can learn about unique or endangered animals in the process.
  • Hold door-decorating contests. Students can decorate their classroom doors to coordinate with holidays or special themes. The winner receives a prize, such as more recess time or no-homework passes.

These are just a few ways to boost school spirit. Schools can find more ideas to inspire school spirt by creating committees to connect with students and members of their communities.Some schools elect homecoming courts, which include homecoming kings and queens, as well as accompanying princes and princesses. Students who are elected to the court are usually heavily involved in school activities. The court may participate in a parade that includes floats and music from the school’s marching band.

Homecoming dances tend to be a culmination of homecoming festivities at the end of the spirit week. Students are welcome to attend, and alumni from past years often show up as well. The dance may include a banquet, in which particular students are recognized for their efforts. Alumni may be asked to deliver speeches or hand out awards.

Homecoming is celebrated across much of North America, among both high school and college students. It is a special time to rekindle relationships with one’s school and show off pride in one’s alma mater.