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61 Years on Highway 61: LaPlace Frostop celebrates milestone anniversary

LAPLACE — Frostop, the longest-surviving restaurant in LaPlace, hosted an August 3 anniversary celebration to commemorate 61 years on Highway 61.

Great tunes, delicious Lot-O-burgers, frosted mug root beer, classic cars and motorcycles called back to more than six decades of exemplary customer service at the family owned business, located at 411 E. Airline Highway.

Visible to motorists by its iconic spinning mug, LaPlace Frostop was built by Morris Terry in 1958. Terry initially saw it as a business investment and leased the restaurant for 15 years.

Bruce, Hannah and Judi Hotard celebrate LaPlace Frostop’s 61st anniversary.

His daughter, Evelyn, and her husband Jimmy Toler took over the business in 1973, and their daughter, Terry, joined the family establishment after graduating from Louisiana State University in 1993.

Even through two revocations, LaPlace Frostop has kept its familiar drive-in atmosphere, presenting a living link to the good old days.

While about a dozen Frostop franchises remain open around the country, each is independently owned and operated, meaning no restaurant in the world provides the same food and dining experience as LaPlace Frostop.

The location has appeared in film and television and draws in visitors from near and far, according to the operating family.

“The more times have changed, the more people want places like Frostop,” Terry Toler told L’OBSERVATEUR when the business celebrated 60 years. “They’re starting to appreciate it more because they like the history behind it. This kind of family business is hard to find anywhere else.”

DJ Scotty “spinning” tunes at the Frostop

Last week, the LaPlace Frostop family gave away memorabilia leading up to the 61st anniversary.

Kevin Prudhomme, Paula Heltz, and Shannon Miano each won a 61st anniversary wall clock. Meanwhile, Shawn Moore and Gary Landeche won anniversary coasters, and Jamie Marino Sitz won a 61st anniversary tote.

Jody Boudreaux Dupuy, Marie Vicknair Turner, Lisa Perriloux Forsythe, Betty Frey Collier and Darryl Savoie were the lucky recipients of other prizes, which included anniversary mugs, stainless steel sports bottles and tumblers.

Frostop is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.