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Man sentenced for killing teenage son

HAHNVILLE — In an emotional St. Charles Parish court room proceeding, Nicole Veillon expressed her anger for what Ed Veillon Jr. put her and her family through, lamenting that, “Nothing will ever be the same.”

Ed Veillon, 50, of Paradis was found guilty of second-degree murder of his 15-year-old son, Seth, and attempted second-degree murder of his wife, Nicole.

Prosecutors said Veillon shot Seth Veillon, four times on April 22, 2018. Seth was standing between his father and his mother, who had already been shot.

Nicole, 44, may not have survived the shooting had her 9-year-old daughter not returned home and pressed a dishrag against her gunshot wound.

Veillon was sentenced to life in prison with the Department of Corrections on the second-degree murder charge in addition to 50 years in prison on the attempted second-degree murder charge.

Prior to handing down the sentence, Judge St. Pierre noted that Veillon has offered no acceptance of responsibility for his role in the murder.

District Attorney Joel T. Chaisson II said the case was horrific from start to finish.

He said the harsh sentencing fit the  heinous crime.

“A murder case involving a child is almost incomprehensible,” Chaisson said. “This case is the worst of the worst, as a child died at the hands of his own parent. That Ed Veillon Jr. will spend the rest of his life in prison, is the only just punishment given the facts and circumstances.”

Assistant District Attorney Connie M. Aucoin headed the prosecution.

“Her unyielding pursuit of the truth is an invaluable asset to my office and her efforts make St. Charles Parish safer,” Chaisson said.