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Shumaker: Apprenticeship & Internship programs expanding at Reserve college

In years gone by if you wanted to become a plumber, electrician or most crafts for that matter, you simply went to work for a company that trained you in your chosen craft.

Several companies have come to realize that if you add a formal education to the mix, you end up with an excellent end result.

Employees who are well educated and well trained usually stand the test of time with the company.

We are seeing a resurgence of that very concept right here in the River Parishes. Industries are putting together Apprenticeship and Internship programs that will offer part time and full time employment while training with the Community College.

All of the technical programs at River Parishes Community College are open to Apprenticeship programs of all types.

Our flexible schedules will work well with most work schedules. Classes are offered from early mornings to late evenings to accommodate working families.

Finding such a program is as easy as checking Industry websites for job postings and watching for local news in newspapers and advertisements.

Some programs offer free tuition and books to the student. Each company has a different policy but all are well worth looking into for the opportunity it brings.

River Parishes Community College accepts scholarships from many sources and offers its own scholarships through the River Parishes Community College Foundation.

It’s easier than ever to find and qualify for grants and scholarships that will pay tuition, fees and books for a high quality education right here at home.

An education that will result is good, well-paying jobs without having to spend four years away from home and incurring large debt.

Industry in the River Parishes has many jobs just waiting to be filled by a well trained workforce.

River Parishes Community College has the training and hands on experiences needed to qualify for those positions.

Summer and Fall classes are accepting students as of April 1, and all the information can be found at RPCC.edu or come in to the Reserve Campus for a personal tour and assistance.

Penelope Shumaker is Campus Director for the Reserve Campus of River Parishes Community College. Email pshumaker@rpcc.edu or call 985-536-4418, ext. 203.