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Keller: Greatest legacy is one of integrity

While waiting in line at PJ’s Monday morning, my friend, Carl Butler, congratulated me on the birth of my recent great-grandchild.

He said, “What a great legacy!” I then said, “The greatest legacy anyone can leave is a legacy of integrity. I’m thankful that God’s not finished with me yet, because I’m still working on mine.”

Before I became a Christian at age 45, my legacy would have been only memories, some good, but many not so good.

I was like a ship without a rudder, not living, just existing. I had a few liberal convictions that didn’t please God.

Today, my convictions are to attempt to be in line with God’s Word.

This will describe who I am and the condition of my heart will determine the direction of my life.

I have to be prepared and ready to defend what God’s Word says, regardless of the consequences.

I now realize that only with convictions of the truth will anyone find their purpose in life.

I pray that God will give me wisdom to continue my journey to eternity with unwavering faith in God and the strength and courage to stand up for what I believe.

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