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Michel: Living gloriously helped by guidance, simple evaluation

So I’m already filling in my 2019 calendar.

It’s not because I’m ready for Christmas.

I still haven’t put up my outdoor lights.

Nor is it because everything I planned for 2018 has been completed as evidenced by the boxes of photos stacked in the corner of my bedroom. 

It’s not even because I’m done with 2018. It was a tough year; however, I refuse to deny the grace of God that sustained me as I walked through a few dark valleys.

The reason I’ve cracked open a new calendar is to prayerfully consider and answer three questions I’ve asked myself the past few years.

What needs to start?

What needs to stop?

What needs to continue?

The questions are short but have led to lengthy conversations with God as I evaluate where my energy and time are to be spent.

I’m taking a lesson from the life of Johann Sebastian Bach, composer of over 200 cantatas.

Mark Batterson, author of “All In” wrote the following of Bach. “Before he started scoring a sheet of music he would scrawl JJ – Jesu, Juya – at the very top.

It means ‘Jesus, help me.’

Then at the bottom of every composition he inscribed three letters: SDG.

They stand for Soli Deo Gloria – ‘to the glory of God alone.’”

Jesus, help me to live 2019 for Your glory.

Ronny Michel may be reached at rmichel@rtconline.com.