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Keller: Enjoy a Merry Christian Christmas

People throughout the world who profess to be Christians celebrate Dec. 25 as the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Growing up in a religious family, we all, naturally, went to church on this day. After church, our families would get together for a big feast, celebration and exchanging of gifts.

One of the things I remember most about this holiday is that at a very young age of 10, 11 or 12, we were allowed to have a couple of alcoholic drinks on this joyous occasion.

As I grew older, the celebration of Christmas was always an excuse to drink and eat as much as you wanted. I can remember going to midnight Mass on a few occasions too drunk to stand up.

In later years, I would be too intoxicated to help with my children’s toys. I thank God that those days are in the past.

Today, I know Jesus Christ in a personal way and the celebration is a sober one and, most importantly, in honor of the King of Kings.

A few days ago, someone asked me if I enjoyed the holiday season? Without hesitation, I said, “No.” I think it is the saddest time of the year.

I resent the many colorful, glamorous billboards advertising the most abused drug — alcohol. I feel for the young children who will be abused and neglected because of alcohol.

I feel for the suffering alcoholics and drug users who think they need mind-altering chemicals to get high. I hurt for the people who attend church because of obligation, not really understanding what special day this really is.

This Dec. 25, I ask that you consider the celebration and act as though Jesus was spending His birthday with you. If you are a Christian, He really is.

Have a Merry Christian Christmas and may the gifts of the Holy Spirit – love, joy and peace – be with each of you!

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