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Michel: Christmas excitement added to with Advent adventure

This Christmas season looks a little different for my family.

In addition to our preparations to celebrate our Savior’s birth, we will welcome two new additions. My niece Tiffani and her husband Bryton Trepagnier are awaiting the birth of their son, Tristan, due Dec. 28. Two days later my grandchild Baby Southwick is due. Elise and David decided to not find out the gender.

If all of that isn’t enough, we had Advent calendar drama.

It began when my daughter Monique said she’s never had an Advent tradition for her girls and wanted to establish one.

Her sister Lauren reminded her of the chocolate-filled Advent calendars I buy for my grandchildren every year.

Monique said she wanted something Biblical. I said, “With all my heart I believe that God loves chocolate.” I really do.

On Nov. 30, my granddaughters gathered at my home to bake cookies, decorate a gingerbread house (I found one that came pre-assembled this year! No more hot-gluing the house!) and receive their Advent calendars.

Once back at their home, Olivia advised her 3-year-old sister Charlie to put the calendar in a safe place.

The next morning, Charlie couldn’t find her calendar. Monique said they looked and looked everywhere.

“Well not everywhere or you would have found it!” Elise said.

“Don’t look everywhere,” I said. “Charlie’s short. Just look in places she can reach.”

After two days of searching, I did what you would have done. I bought another calendar for Charlie. As soon as she returned to her house, she found the first one. It was under the mattress of her toddler bed.

“I’ll just keep both in case I lose one,” Charlie said.

May this Advent season be filled with joyful anticipation and sweet surprises.

Ronny Michel may be reached at rmichel@rtconline.com.