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Keller: Grandchildren leave lot to pray for

Having 15 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren (soon expecting the 13th and 14th), God has given Jeanne and I a lot to pray for.

I would like to say that I leave it to God to lead them and that they will one day all be in His Will for their lives. However, I sometimes think God needs my help.

He continually tells me that all He needs from Jeanne and I is to be a godly example that they will want to follow.

I know that when they were young, they loved God, talked about Him and were excited about life. I understand why God says that in order to enter His Kingdom, we have to become as a little child.

Children are usually innocent and willing to learn and can handle discipline.

Now that my youngest grandchild is 22, I admit that my grandchildren need my prayers more than me telling them about my plans for their lives, because that is God’s business.

Each one is different and God has a purpose for their lives.

Over the years, I would preach to them that mediocrity is the enemy of greatness.

Don’t be satisfied with being average. Always aim to excel in whatever God has planned for you.

I feel that some of them who are blessed with the most have decided to settle for less.

While writing this article, God spoke to me and reminded me that most of my life I settled for less.

I pray that all my family will be in God’s Will as they journey through life, excited about their chosen paths and look forward to spending eternity with their Heavenly Father.

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