SJA students learn through service

Published 12:03 am Saturday, March 3, 2018

The kindergarten class was visited recently by Amanda Arcuri, Amanda Fertitta, and Lexi Musso, students from LSU Dental Hygiene School. They spoke about why they should brush and floss their teeth and what they should do and not do to keep their mouths healthy. Fertitta, standing, demonstrated how to brush properly and allowed the children to practice on a large set of teeth. She is pictured helping Brooklyn Williams.


St. Joan of Arc Catholic School students recently honored for earning “Viking Virtue” cards for exhibiting Christian virtues by performing kind acts for others include, from left, front, Jacob Laugand, Ainsley Mulkey, Ava Deroche, middle, Allison Duhe, Joshua Whitener, Baileigh Tregre, top, Lauren Laiche, Olivia St. Martin and Hartley Faucheux. The students earned privileges, such as wearing jeans to school, going to the front of the lunch line with a friend and eating a special snack at recess.