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Keller: Lincoln’s life a picture of resiliency

I’m sure most of us get a little discouraged at times.

Many times I’ve felt like giving up. Life sometimes seems unfair, and we feel alone and hopeless. We question whether we have a purpose in life.

Many years ago, I read the following in a newsletter published by the University of Alabama’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes:


• Difficult childhood.

• Less than a year formal schooling.

• Failed in business in 1831.

• Defeated for legislature, ’32.

• Again failed in business, ’33.

• Elected to legislature, ’34.

• Fiancée died, ’35.

• Defeated for Speaker, ’38.

• Defeated for Elector, ’40.

• Married, wife a burden, ’42.

• 1 of his 4 sons lived past 18.

• Defeated for Congress, ’43.

• Elected to Congress, ’46.

• Defeated for Congress, ’48.

• Defeated for Senate, ’55.

• Defeated for Vice-President, ’56.

• Defeated for Senate, ’58.

• Elected President, ’60.

When former President Bush asked the country to join in a national day of prayer, he invoked the memory of Abraham Lincoln, who during the Civil War “turned to prayer, saying: ‘I’ve been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I have nowhere else to go.’’

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