Children’s safe play just a few weeks away

Published 12:10 am Wednesday, October 4, 2017

LAPLACE — For over a decade, Jamie Angotti dreamed of opening a business that would allow children of all ages to learn through play in a safe, fun environment.

Her dream will become a reality this November with the grand opening of Buttons & Bows Indoor Playground.

Located at 2021 W. Airline Highway in LaPlace, Buttons & Bows was created with the intent of helping children stay physically active as they learn through simulated real-world experiences.

Buttons & Bows Indoor Playground will include aspects of children’s museums and indoor party locations with a goal of offering more activities to children of various ages. Included is a virtual reality whack-a-mole-style game that gets children moving.


The cost of admission is free for parents, $10 for children 2 and under and $12 for children 3 and up.

The 18,000 square foot facility includes two party rooms, a certified safe large play structure for children 3 to 12 years old, a baby playground for infants and toddlers 2 and under, a virtual reality playground, a snack station, arcade games and 11 imaginative play areas.

The play areas come in the form of businesses, including but not limited to a hair salon, police station, grocery store, theater and hospital. Children can move from one station to another, dressing up and immersing themselves in real-life roles as they learn about different occupations.

The main area will be decorated to resemble an outdoor street with manually powered toy cars and bikes for smaller children to enjoy, alongside picnic tables for parents.

Angotti said she wanted to combine aspects of children’s museums and indoor party locations to offer more activities to children of various ages in a convenient location close to home.

She is particularly excited about the hospital play area and the virtual reality playground, which she has not seen in any other business between New Orleans and Gonzales.

Angotti’s husband, John, said Buttons & Bows is a much-needed addition to the River Parishes because there is not much for children under 10 to do.

Starting a family helped them understand what young children are drawn to and inspired them to finalize plans for the business, he said.

As a former teacher, Angotti said she is particularly interested in meeting the educational needs of children and partnering with schools in the community.  She plans to host field trips for primary school students and donate 10 percent of proceeds back to the schools.

“Businesses rely on the community, and the community relies on businesses,” Angotti said. “I want schools to know we are an advocate.”

During her time as a teacher, Angotti found children learn best through play, when they have the opportunity to stretch and move and explore, as opposed to sitting in a classroom or staring at a screen.

She said Buttons & Bows Indoor Playground meets developmental needs in a fun, healthy way and caters to all children.

The playground includes wheelchair-accessible ramps in addition to noise-reducing headphones and cozy chairs to meet sensory needs.

Angotti said Tuesdays are reserved for exceptional children who may benefit from smaller crowds and less noise, though they are also welcome to visit any other day of the week.

There are also plans to incorporate special events allowing parents to enjoy a quiet night out while their children are entertained for a specified amount of time, according to Angotti. The first of these special events will be a story time with Belle, followed by a showing of Beauty and the Beast.

Community response has been positive so far, she said, noting many people have already inquired about booking semi-private birthday parties, which accommodate 40 to 50 people and include pizza, drinks and themed decorations. Parents only need to provide a birthday cake.

Some birthday parties will include TV, movie or book characters. Angotti is currently looking to hire people 16 or older with a valid work permit to dress up and appear at parties.

For more information, visit Buttons & Bows Indoor Playground on Facebook or call 985-359-BOWS.

— By Brooke Robichaux