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District Social Studies Fair Qualifying winners

The St. John the Baptist Parish Public School District held its District Social Studies Fair Dec. 7. Qualifying winners will move on to the regional competition at Nicholls State University.

Winners in Division 1:

Anthropology, first place, Daylen Jackson (WSJE); second, Alayjah Graham (ECW); third, Jermaine Mangle (GMMS)

Geography, first place, Aaliyah Washington (GMMS); second, Leah Carillo (LES); third, Norshelys Lopez (ESJE)

Economics, first place, Kennedy Hughes (GMMS); second, L’Diana Joseph (FEW)

Louisiana History, first place, Rubien Hayes (LES); second place, Yahir Montejo; third place, Emmani Cook (GMMS)

Louisiana History Team, first place, Dedric Lastie and Re’Shawn Hilaire (LPE)

History, first place, Colin Hoyt (LES); second place, Kylin Smith (WSJE); third place, Jayla Ezidore (WSJE)

Winners in Division 2:

Economics, first place, Jason Parker (LPE); second place, Jada Brown (JLO); third, Jai Gaines (ESJE)

Economics Team, first place, Rhiyah Brown and Aaliyah Jackson (LPE)

Anthropology, first place, Amari Gayden (JLO); second, Terence Fenroy (ESJE); third, Tayh Cooks (ESJE)

Anthropology Team, first place, Zeytaveo Hill and Kaden Foster (LPE); second, Michael Porter and Haley Martin (LPE)

Louisiana History, first place, Carlo Travis (GMMS); second, Jaidan Mitchell (LES); third, Yasmin Moore (LPE)

Louisiana History Team, first place, James Marshall and Tyshley Marks (LPE)

Geography, first place, Janneth Lopez-Arriaga (LPE); second, Destiny Brown (LES); third, Tyonna Tottress (LPE)

Geography Team, first place, Savannah Banks and Angelina Aguilar (LPE); second, Joann Herrara and Angel Herrara (ESJE)

History, first place, Jada Nevers (ECW); second, Karli Evans (LES); third, Lizette Orejel (LPE)

History Team, first place, Sha’quan Barnett and Jalayai Sibley (LPE); second, Jedah Tanner and E’myrie Jasmin (LPE)

Political Science, first place, Lori Lennix (LPE); second, Bryce Ory (JLO); third, Saja Nicholas (GMMS)

Political Science Team, first place, Darlyn Garcia and Ya’Kennya Jones (LPE); second, Gabrielle Wicker and Lashona Williams (LPE)

Sociology, first place, Jesse Cantrelle (LES); second, Norelle Frank (ESJE); third, Re’Sean Baker (WSJE); third, Jace Williams (LPE)

Sociology Team, first place, Jose Yanes and Samuel Hernandez (LPE); second, D’shontai Mazique and Laylia Joseph (ESJE); third, Ja’ron Minor and Allen Brown (LPE)

The winner in Division 3 was, Sociology, first place, Tavis Brumfield (LPE)