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Convicted killer: ‘I didn’t do it’

Kenneth Hicks of LaPlace sentenced to life in prison

EDGARD — Tears flowed in Courtroom A Monday morning at the St. John the Baptist Parish Courthouse in Edgard as Judge Michael Kirby sentenced a LaPlace man to life in prison.

Kenneth Hicks

Kenneth Hicks

Kenneth Hicks, 51, of LaPlace was found guilty of second-degree murder Jan. 22 and sentenced Monday after he was implicated in the killing of Anthony Young, 34, of Reserve in 2013.

Young, who sustained a gunshot wound to the head, was pronounced dead at the scene after deputies responded to a shooting Feb. 20, 2013, at Alex’s Sports Bar in Reserve.

Hicks appeared in court for his sentencing Monday with a small smile on his face as he saw a row of his loved ones smiling back at him. However, as the sentencing proceedings went forth, his demeanor changed.

After Kirby announced the sentence of life in prison without the chance of parole, he asked Hicks if he had a statement. Hicks, who wore an orange jumpsuit and shackles, claimed he was innocent.

Before court adjourned, a family member of the victim took the stand do address Hicks. The woman did not give her name, identifying herself as Young’s sister.

Through tears, the sister explained how Hicks hurt her family and his by killing her brother.

“I don’t care what my bother did, he didn’t deserve this,” she said, almost in anger. “But I don’t have a cold heart. I love you and I forgive you.”

As Young’s sister gave her statement, many members of Young’s family and Hicks’ family present in the courtroom were in tears.

Once Young’s sister finished and was walking away from the stand, Hicks stood up to speak.

“I’m innocent,” he said. “I’m innocent, I didn’t do it!”