Masters: Chamber defines itself by credibility

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, June 10, 2015

It seems as though no matter who or where a person is in life, we all have something in common. We are all seeking something.

So we at the River Region Chamber of Commerce decided to find out exactly what our members were seeking though their membership.

We surveyed our entire member base, which includes over 250 businessmen and women from across the River Region from businesses both big and small.

When asked what the most important thing for a business organization to offer, the result was unanimous. Over 92 percent of members that responded agreed that credibility is the most important thing in a business organization.

We took this a step further and asked our members what exactly credibility means to them.

We heard words like consistent, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Responses from understanding to informed, involved and engaged were submitted. Suddenly, the idea of credibility became a much larger umbrella than we originally thought.

One member said it like this, “Basically, business credibility is a lot like the epitome of someone’s grandmother. You can count on her rain or shine. She’s always smiling, and she won’t let you down.”

Especially down in the South, we know exactly what a big deal family is, so this notion was a little intimidating. Comparing the credibility of an organization to that of a loving Grandmother seemed like some big shoes to fill.

Business organizations like the River Region Chamber of Commerce are constantly called to play different roles, from quick business matchmaker to connection maker, to bold and strong voice for business, to Grandmotherly credible organization.

In today’s fast paced world, we are all juggling different roles. Whether you are a business organization, a business owner, a parent or even all three, we all have different roles to fill.

The more we looked at this truth, the more evident it became that our members were explicitly right when they stated credibility as the most important aspect for a business organization.

The more we realized that we are all more similar than different in regards to the expectations the world puts on us and those we put on ourselves, the clearer it became that credibility is not just vital for business but is imperative to fulfilling all the roles we play in life with excellence.

And we at the Chamber are committed to delivering excellence to those who depend on us. Credibility is something we expect from ourselves and our members, as well. Be there when you say you will. Lend a hand, even when you didn’t say you would. Speak out for what is right and stand up when no one else is willing.

Your Chamber wants to redefine credibility as not something that just our Grandmothers have to offer.

As mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. Sisters, brothers, friends, husbands and wives. Employees, employers, business organizations and owners.

As people and as a community, let’s start a journey towards putting credibility at the top of our lists and watch what will happen.

We will meet you there.

Catherine Masters is a communications assistant with the River Region Chamber of Commerce. Contact her at