Brave the rain and vote today

Published 2:38 pm Saturday, April 5, 2014

Today, some local elections are taking place in St. James and St. Charles parishes, and on May 3, St. John the Baptist Parish voters will head to the polls to decide on renewing two existing taxes.

These local elections may be considered minor by some when compared to presidential elections, or somewhat boring when compared to votes about hot-button topics such as marijuana legalization or abortion rights. But the results of the elections happening today in St. James and St. Charles parishes, along with the May St. John Parish election, will surely affect the lives of the citizens that live in those parishes.

Elections for council seats, like the one happening today in St. Charles Parish, and school board seats are important because they choose who will represent the parish where a voter lives. Decisions brought forth by local governing bodies have the potential to affect everyday life for adult and child citizens sometimes greatly more than decisions handed down by the president or senate.

Tax votes, like the ones happening today in St. James Parish, affect the wallets of residents, which in turn can affect the quality of life people experience.

Having a voice about whom you trust in parish matters and having an understanding of where and why money is being spent in your parish is directly related to voting. Furthermore, some elections are purposely scheduled when voter turnout is expected to be low so the results can be more easily driven by those pushing ballot items.

Voting is always important, maybe even more so today and in May when the elections may not get as much fanfare or attention.