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Inspired by Frankenstein

During the study of Mary Shelley’s novel “Frankenstein,” Hahnville High School’s Deborah Unger’s English IV AP/GT students are analyzing the themes and structure of the novel and discussing the full spectrum of what it means to be human through the analysis of Victor Frankenstein and his creature. In addition, they are reading articles about the 18th century, such as French political philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Italian physiologist Luigi Galvani; viewing Gothic art that inspired Shelley, such as Henry Fuseli’s famous “The Nightmare” 1781; and creating Gothic narratives as well as captions for cartoons about Frankenstein’s monster. Unger’s gifted English IV AP/GT students (left to right) Zachary Borey, Caitlin Mikesell, Haley Morgan, Derek Walker, Austin Webre, Daniel Levy, Conner Maise, and James Love sit around the camp fire to share their Frankenstein-inspired stories.