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Service awards at St. Charles Catholic High

All SCC students are required to serve a minimum of 15 hours of service in order to pass its religion class. However, many SCC students go well beyond the minimum requirements. The goal of this program at St. Charles Catholic High School is to enable each student to serve others and fulfill the commandment of Jesus to love one another as He has loved us.
The following SCC students received Service Awards for this school year by going above and beyond the minimum requirement:
Bronze Awards for Service – Ross Browning, Victoria Ivey, Calin Noble, Madisen Roussel, Shelbi St. Pierre, Matthew Templet, Tyrin Arceneaux, Alex Barrios, Lamy Guidry, Rebecca Laurent, Tyler Schaeffer, Nicholas Scioneaux, Jordan St. Pierre, Logan Williams, Jeffrey Millet, Emily Bergeron, Nick Roussel, Auston Grover, Amy Kugler, Natalie Weinert, Albert Hane, Tatanisha Hutchinson, Rayneeka Bass, Jonathan Basilides, Dylan Turner, Angelie Matar, Ashton Grover, Brittney Jacob, Austin Weber, Justine Casrill, Brandon Andry, Lauryn Madere, Kristine Clement, Garrett Washburn, Karlie Englade, Michael Hebert, Effie Guillot, Allison Arcuri, Jemal Baptiste, Colin Bosco, Hunter Clement, Julia Cupit, Raelyn Cambre, Austin Douroux, Jordan Hitt, A’bria Jones, Patrick Juneau, Seth Noah, Mason Roussel, Hailey Specht, Madison Stein, Tyris Smith, Emily Triche, Julia Torres, Brooke Tregre, Amanda Allday, Candace Caminita, DeNair Clark, Taylor Cochran, Dylan Gillies, Brittany Mader, Marcus Navarro, Dante Scarpero, Courtney Snyder, Karli Terrio, and Hayley Terry, and Tori Press.
Silver Awards for Service – Brady Becker, Victoria Gagliano, Kellie Verret, Zachary Weber, Dalton Landry, Tyler Forsythe, Michael Roberts, Emile Cupit, Kaitlyn Lowry, Fritzel Senauth, Erin Monica, Raykael Morris, Jere’ Collins, Kennedy Williams, Marialaina Carter, Jordan Davis, Tia Giles, Elise Jeandron, Ashley Marchese, Sabrina Pagonia, Erin Tuircuit, Tyler Thibodeaux, Seth Bourgeois, Jaelen Bryant, Gabrielle Faucheux, DaJanea Gatlin, Luke Jackson, Victoria Michel, Cori Millet, Paige Ocmond, Taylor Vaughn, and Reena Wadhwa.
Gold Awards for Service – Kayla Smith, Kristen Warren, Jordan Snowdy, Jessica Celestin, Lauren Jaubert, Lynleigh Landry, Michael Morton, Kali St. Martin, Brittany Tregre, Jacob Templet, Gregory Vicknair, Nathaniel Weinert, Juan Watkins, Lane Gendron, Karleigh Landry, Elise Loisel, Austin Matherne, Ariana Nora, David Parker, Stephen Parker, Luke Poche’, Renee Richard, Megan Ruiz, Jared Tregre, Maggie Trepagnier, and Dustin Weidert.