2012 Baby Andouille Pageant winners

Published 9:44 am Saturday, January 19, 2013

The winners of the 2012 Andouille Pageant are:
Baby Miss (6-12 months)
• Queen, Prettiest Smile and Hair, Fashion – Juliana Tregre daughter of Tim and Jennifer Tregre
• First Place, Prettiest Eyes, Photogenic – Miley Loupe daughter of Jeremy and Courtney Loupe
Baby Master (6-12 months)
• King, Prettiest: Hair, Eyes, Smile – Aiden Perrett son of Jonathan and Aimee Perett
Tiny Tot Miss (13-23 months)
• Queen, Photogenic, Prettiest Smile and Eyes – Brea Bowden daughter of Jason and Kayla Bowden
• First Place and Fashion – Lainey Keller daughter of Chris and Amanda Keller
• Second Place and Prettiest Hair – Ryleigh Edwards daughter of Chandra Waguespack and Johnell Edwards
Tiny Tot Master (13-23 months)
• King, Prettiest: Smile, Hair, Eyes, Fashion and Photogenic – Mason Nicolas son of Carlos and Grace Nicolas
Toddler Miss (2 years)
• Queen and Photogenic– Isabella Bourgeois daughter of Draper Bourgeois and Cristina Moran
• First Place Prettiest Hair and Eyes – Presley Bourdonnay daughter of Greg and Melissa Bourdonnay
• Second Place, Prettiest Smile and Fashion – Kalleigh Jones daughter of Kristy and Bruce Jones
• Third Place – Graylin Wade daughter of Brittany Chippent
Toddler Master (2 years)
• King, Prettiest: Hair, Smile, Eyes and Fashion – Brayden Nicolas son of Carlos and Grace Nicolas
Tiny Miss (3 years)
• Queen, Prettiest Eyes, Fashion and Photogenic – Lainey Levron daughter of Shawn and Monique Levron
• First Place, Prettiest Hair and Prettiest Smile – Londyn Fontenot daughter of Terry and Tanya Fontenot
Petite Miss (4 years)
• Queen, Prettiest: Hair, Smile, Eyes, and Fashion – Kami Peschier daughter of Tasha and Jason Peschier
Little Miss (5-6 years)
• Queen, Prettiest: Hair and Smile and Photogenic – Lauren Snider daughter of Trish and Dustin Snider
• First Place, Prettiest Eyes and Fashion – Atianna Sinegal daughter of Amber Deville
Debb Miss (7, 8, 9 Years)
• Queen, Prettiest: Hair, Eyes, and Smile and Fashion – Alissa Stutzman daughter of Michael and Amanda Stutzman
Junior Miss (10-12 years)
• Queen, Prettiest: Eyes, Hair, and Smile, Fashion, Photogenic – Shayna Harrilal daughter of Glenn and Tonya Harrilal
All the winners of this year’s pageant will reign over the 2013 Andouille Festival. The Baby – Junior Miss Andouille Pageant 2013 will be held on the Sunday of the Andouille Festival in October.