With the continuing growth and popularity of Facebook, how do you use the online social network?

Published 6:00 pm Tuesday, February 14, 2012

c4dd1280-63c0-11e1-8607-001cc4c0325c To reconnect with old friends 5
c4dd132a-63c0-11e1-8608-001cc4c0325c To keep up with current friends and family 13
c4dd13a2-63c0-11e1-8609-001cc4c0325c As a time killer betwen work assignments 4
c4dd141a-63c0-11e1-860a-001cc4c0325c As a source for local news or other information 1
c4dd1492-63c0-11e1-860b-001cc4c0325c I don’t use Facebook 31